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He desired her, just as much as she desired him.

At the moment, he swore that he was under the spell of the woman; his beautiful target. Their bodies pressing against each other, letting their inner desires took over them. He wasn’t supposed to do this and he was aware of that fact, but he seemed to enjoy whatever he was doing…well, somehow.

Right into the eyes, she looked at him. “Mister, I’ve noticed that you keep following me since these past five days.  May I know why?” she asked, her voice made him shiver on his knees.

He was taken aback for a while. He found it amazing that she was the first among his targets to notice his existence. Most of his past targets wouldn’t even notice that he was going to kill them.

“Can’t answer me, can you? I know what your reason is. You want to kill me…right, Mister?”

She knew well that he was going to kill her. Killing people was never hard for him, but he was reluctant to kill her, which was why he kept following her for days. On the other hand, he let the woman took over him, allowing her to pleasure him by pressing a blade underneath his shirt…. until the realization hit onto him really hard.

He wasn’t supposed to sleep with his target.

Like a professional assassin he always was, he took his gun out and pulled the trigger. By then, a loud bang could be heard and the beautiful woman lying breathlessly on the bed.

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